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Program Overview

Trinity 3D Premium Career Course, the student will get insight into both the technical and artistic aspects of the Animation, VFX, and Gaming industry. In India, the Animation and VFX industry by 2022 will be worth ₹15600 crores. The Gaming industry is growing fast too, at a CAGR of 18.2%. Therefore, the program addresses both the needs for different segments of productions in animation, visual effects, and gaming and also broaden the job opportunity for learners of this course. Bollywood and Hollywood films, TV programs & advertisements rely on animation and VFX to add extra touches to their works, be it to build a mythical creature, a historical era, or intensify the natural surroundings.

Triple your career opportunities by completing this premium 3-in-1 course at Arena CG-Road. On completing the Trinity 3D course, you get to choose a career in any one of the three creative industries.

Course Highlights

  • Exclusive access to course material.
  • Be a part of our workshops, seminars, and events.
  • Create your team and plan activities and work on projects.
  • Discuss and solve problems with our expert professors.
  • Get Reference study materials.
  • Chance to see a working model of animation.
  • Access to online-varsity, our e-platform for learning.
  • Get Placement Support.

Term 1: Pre-Production for Animation, VFX & Games | Preferred Training Tool

  • Basic Shapes & Sketching Techniques
  • Anatomy Drawing
  • Body Language & Expressions
  • Lights, Color & Perspectives
  • Digital Painting
  • Animation Concepts
  • Concept Design, Development & Storytelling Techniques
  • Scriptwriting for Animation
  • Character Design & Development
  • Acting & Voice Characterization
  • Concept Art & Inspirational Sketches
  • Visual Scripting with Film Language
  • Storyboarding for Animatics
  • Editing for Animatics
  • Principles of Animation
  • Timing for Animation
  • Pre-Production Portfolio

Term 2: 3D Art & Design for Animation, VFX & Games | Preferred Training Tool

  • Fundamentals of VFX and 3D Basics
  • Digital Modeling with Maya
  • Digital Sculpting
  • Texturing 3D Models with Maya
  • Rigging 3D Models with Maya
  • 3D Character Animation & Rotomation
  • Particle & Dynamics
  • FX & Simulation\
  • Matchmoving and Camera Tracking
  • Working with Arnold Renderer
  • Introduction to Unity Game Engine
  • Asset & Environment Modeling
  • 3D Texturing for Games
  • Unity Game Engine Workflow
  • 3D Game Portfolio

Term 3: Visual Effects for Animation, Games & Films | Preferred Training Tool

  • VFX Film making – Pre to Post Production
  • Layer-Based Compositing
  • Pre-visualization & VFX Video Shoot
  • Introduction to Nuke
  • Rotoscopy using Silhoutte
  • Roto and RotoPaint
  • Wire removal
  • Colour Correction
  • Green/ Blue screen
  • Matchmoving Techniques
  • Matte Painting
  • Time Remapping & Bounding Boxes
  • Channel & Multi passes
  • Advanced Compositing Tools
  • FX with Houdini

Job Profiles

  • Concept Artist
  • Pre-production Designer (Animation)
  • Pre-production Artist
  • Character Designer
  • 3D Character Animator
  • Character FX Artist
  • CG Lighting & Rendering Artist
  • FX/Environment Artist
  • 3D Game Artist Material/Substance Artist
  • Game Environment Artist
  • 3D Matchmoving Artist
  • Rotomation Artist
  • Compositor


Get Trained At Arena Animation C.g.road, Drive-in & Maninagar Centres & Get Hired:

Arena Animation C.G Road Centre is Gujarat’s 1 st Animation Multimedia Institute which started in 1997 and having other two centres at Drive-in road for 19 Years and Maninagar for 11 years.
Arena Animation C.G Road, Maninagar and Drive-in Road Centres have developed and maintained best technical team and are known for quality delivery for 21 years. Along with quality education institute provides a lot of value additions like industry visits, workshops & seminars by industry experts to make students industry ready.

Career Support @ Arena Animation C.G Road, Drive-in Road, Maninagar centres :

job placement assistance

Industry interaction

Job fairs

Studio tours

Career seminars

Creative workshops

Student Work Competition

Days & Festival Celebrations

Value Additions and many more

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