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QR Code Generator in Indesign CC

While looking for the latest updates in the Adobe Website, I came across this feature, QR Code generator in Indesign CC. Well! QR (Quick Response) codes have been the in thing for a while now and are set to become the next big thing in the years to come. These codes are like 2-dimensional bar codes that can be read using any QR reader. They can also link directly to a number of elements. To name a few, they can link to text, e-mails, and Websites.

Out of curiosity, I explored this option in Indesign CC and found that it works with ease. The best part is, since QR codes are treated as vector objects, it is possible to work with QR codes without compromising on its quality. That’s not all. Indesign also allows vector objects to be copied into applications like Adobe Illustrator.

To begin with, I created a QR code for a Web hyperlink (url), http://www.aptech-worldwide.com/, by selecting the Generate QR code command from the shortcut menu. QR codes can be created for plain text, text messages, e-mails, or even a business card. Next, I entered the url in the space provided and that’s it.

A QR code was generated in the selected frame.

Indesign CC lets you edit the code, meaning it is possible to add effects such as a stroke, fill, color, and so on. In other words, QR codes are treated as any other object in Indesign.

After all the beautification was done, I captured the QR code that I created using the QR code scanner in my smart phone and “Hurrah!” it worked. A dialog box appeared stating the url, http://www.aptech-worldwide.com/.

To sum up, QR code Generator is one of the exciting features of Indesign that should be categorized as a “must try.”

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