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Seven Amazingly Effective Lead Nurturing Tactics

The importance of having an effective lead learning strategy becomes clear when  companies adopt  inbound marketing as a way to generate more leads. Research reveals that companies that use the lead generating strategy generate more sales, i.e. almost 50% compared to the general 33%. You might wonder what super successful inbound marketers are doing differently to draw traffic, convert leads, and secure customers. Let us look at seven easy tactics for lead nurturing strategy:

Targeted Content

It is important to have targeted content to increase sales opportunities. It helps increase sales by 20%. Targeting the content to the right audience is of utmost importance.
A few pre-requisites used for targeting content are:
●  Understand the unique buyer personas.
●  Nurture each persona based on their interests, goals, objectives and marketing triggers.
Lastly, we need to have a marketing automation platform in order to identify, segment, and target the unique buyer personas.

Multi-channel Lead Nurturing

Research says that 4 out of 5 marketers claim that only 20% of their email receivers actually open their emails. In the past, marketers used to send out generic emails to a list of prospects. Now, if one only uses email as a lead nurturing technique, they might not be able to effectively market their product.

Like we have learnt email marketing has a poor performance. Hence, most marketers are turning to other multi-channel marketing. Marketing automation, social media, email marketing, Websites, paid retargeting, and direct sales outreach; a combination of these is called effective multi-channel lead nurturing. It is important to ensure that the marketing and sales teams are onboard to execute this complex strategy correctly.

Multiple Touches

The prospects receive an average of 10 touches from the time they acquire a customer till they have closed the customer. According to a research study from Demand Gen, 49% of marketers have less than five touches in their lead nurturing program. You need to revamp your strategy if you fall under this category.

Hence, it is important to have multiple channels to connect to your audience. The more they know about your product, or the more queries you solve that they have, the more effective the lead nurturing strategy. In addition to email tactics, the prospects can use social media, blog posts, and direct email to nurture prospects into customers.

Timely Follow-ups

Research says that there are more chances to convert the customer in the first five minutes of him/her visiting your content than it is after 30 minutes. A quick follow up is required, but most organizations are still not acting quickly.

Automated lead nurturing can help you reach your target audience, but it is necessary to also make a phone call or send a follow up email to convert your inbound leads into qualified sales opportunities. Calling a lead right after a Website conversion gives you the best chance of converting your lead.

Speak to the prospect on exactly what he/she was searching for in the Web browser or as per their recent browsing behavior to do some initial research about the prospect.

Personalized Emails

Even with the social media in today’s times, several research studies still believe that sending personalized emails is the most effective tactic for lead nurturing. It is also seen that personalized emails create a much better impact than sending generic emails to the customer base. The former generates six times more revenue than the latter.
Following are the ways in which you can personalize your emails:
● Sends triggered email when someone downloads your content
● Clicks any link given in your email
● Visits a specific page on your Website or show a high level of engagement on your page
The key is to combine the power of marketing personalization and behaviorally triggered emails to send it to the right people at the right time.

Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is a method used to rank prospects against a scale that represents the supposed value each lead showcases to the organization. It is implemented in most marketing automation platforms to ascertain numeric values based on how many times the customer has visited their Website, or social media account, or their conversion events.
The score is used to conclude which leads should be followed up by the sales representative and which leads need to be nurtured further down the marketing funnel.

Sales and Marketing Alignment

According to Market Research firms, when the sales and marketing team take part in lead nurturing, the conversion rates grow much higher. In order for the sales and marketing team to take part in lead nurturing, one needs to understand when the prospects need to be transitioned to them. Triggers like lead scoring, page views, conversion events, and sales contacts need to be considered while creating your lead nurturing strategy.

A Service Level Agreement (SLA) should be made to understand the shared level of expectations, responsibilities, and goals for this partnership. The SLA will help the teams to hold each other accountable for converting leads to paying customers.

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