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From Slideshows to Animated Presentations

Animated Presentations! Yes, you read it right. You can create one without being an animator. 

It is not about embedding animations in your PowerPoint presentation, it is about creating professional looking animated videos that bring out the Aww factor in your presentations.

As we all know, it is a tough job to keep the audience hooked with a simple slideshow (presentation). In other words, before any presentation, most anchors, including you and me, think of innovative ways to make presentations interesting.

PowToon (http://www.powtoon.com/) – is one among the many tools that engages the audience and helps explain the concept with ease. It is available online and does not require any installation. Most importantly, it is an amazing alternative to PowerPoint that can be used by marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, trainers, educators, and students as well.

It is simple and intuitive and does not require any prerequisite knowledge of animation. It comes with a host of animation tools and simple step-by-step process that results in eye-catching videos.

Using this tool I created a cartoon-styled presentation just by dragging elements and dropping them on the page. It has diverse resources, such as static characters, props, markers, animated characters, and much more that I used at several instances throughout my presentation.

That’s not all. This tool also allowed me to share the presentation through various social networking sites, including Twitter and Facebook.

To sum up, I had a professional looking presentation in minutes that bagged a lot of accolades. So, Get Started! It’s worth a try.

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